The mod loader for Stardew Valley. It works fine with GOG and Steam achievements, it's compatible with Linux/Mac/Windows, you can uninstall it anytime, and there's a friendly community if you need help. It's a cool pufferchick.

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What's new in SMAPI 2.8.2?

SMAPI 2.8 mainly adds support for the latest Stardew Valley 1.3.32 and makes quality-of-life changes for players:

  • added a mod compatibility page and privacy page;
  • added support for organising your mods into subfolders and ignoring mod folders;
  • moved most SMAPI files into a smapi-internal subfolder (so your game folder is less messy) and save backups into a save-backups folder (so they're easier to find);
  • enabled update checks even for mods that have no update keys in many cases;
  • improved various error messages to be more clear and intuitive;
  • now auto-recovers crashes caused by broken modded dialogue;
  • now recommends the correct SMAPI version when you have an older game version;
  • improved compatibility for some Linux players;
  • fixed a number of issues.

For modders, this mainly adds new features and improvements:

  • added a multiplayer API and events to send/receive messages and get connected player info;
  • added a data API to store mod data in the save file or app data;
  • added optional verbose logging;
  • added support for writing to JSON files in content packs;
  • added support for semi-transparent overlays when patching images;
  • added more events for the upcoming SMAPI 3.0;
  • improved support for the -unofficial version convention (e.g. 1.0-unofficial < 1.0-beta);
  • enabled IntelliSense documentation when using the non-developers version of SMAPI;
  • removed restriction against loading images during a draw cycle;
  • fixed a number of issues.

Minor releases:

  • 2.8.1 fixes an installer error for Windows players.
  • 2.8.2 fixes a crash for MacOS players.

Requires Stardew Valley 1.3.32 or later on Linux/Mac/Windows. Note that many mods broke in Stardew Valley 1.3.32 and have not been updated yet.

See the release notes and mod compatibility list for more info.

SMAPI is an open-source project by Pathoschild. It will always be free, but donations are much appreciated to help pay for development, server hosting, domain fees, coffee, etc.

Special thanks to AbroadKew, acerbicon, ChefRude, cheesysteak, hawkfalcon, jwdred, Karmylla, Pucklynn, Robby LaFarge, and a few anonymous users for their ongoing support; you're awesome! 🏅

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